Bruce Grant

Board Member


Born 1959, proposed for election 2022. Grant has a PhD Cand. in Industrial Management from Chalmers University of Technology and an MSc in Business Economics from the University of Gothenburg. Grant is the founder and acting chairman of Applied Value Group, a group of 20+ companies that are wholly or substantially active in North America, Europe and China. Grant is independent in relation to the Company, the Company Management and the Company's major shareholders.


Grant has, among other things, previously been president of Arthur D. Little North America (1995-97) and has sat on a dozen public boards in Europe and the United States, including chairman of Tele2 - the Swedish telecom company. He is, among other things, a board member of Vestas AS.

Number of shares before completion of the Transaction via company:


Number of shares after completion of the Transaction via company:


Other assignments

In addition to his assignment in the Company, Grant also has the following assignments:

Company                                                        Assignments

Applied Value LLC                                          Chairman of the Board

Applied Invest LLC                                         Chairman of the Board

Applied VenCap LLC                                      Chairman of the Board

Hand in Hand International                         Chairman of the Board

Human Care Group                                       Chairman of the Board

RiverMeadow LLC                                          Board member

CosmosID, Inc.                                               Vice Chairman

Vestas AS                                                        Board member

The Swedish-American
Chamber of Commerce - New York           Board member

Completed assignments

For the past five years, Grant has been active in and completed assignments within the following companies: