Thomas Gillespie



Thomas Gillespie, born 1962, graduated from Culinary Arts and Hotel Management from Le Cordon Bleu in Paris. Gillespie was hired as CEO of First Hotels International AS in February 2021 and has been active as an operationally responsible consultant in First Hotels since the autumn of 2020. 


Experience from Food & Beverage and Hospitality Management at Chateau St. Martin / France, Hostellerie du Chateau / France, Bristol Hotel / Oslo, Olav Thon / Norway and at several other F&B organizations in France and Norway.

Number of shares before completion of the Transaction privately and through companies: 0 shares.

Number of shares after completion of the Transaction privately: 1,000,000 shares.

Other assignments

In addition to his assignment in the Company, Gillespie also has the following assignments:

Company                                               Assignments       
First Hotels International AS               CEO
First Hotels AS                                       Chairman of the Board
First Hotels Sverige AB                         Chairman of the Board
First Hotels AB                                       Chairman of the Board
First Hotels Danmark Aps                    CEO

Completed assignments

For the past five years, Gillespie has been active in and completed assignments within the following companies: